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ThermAer: Your Class A Solution for Biosolids Management
Check out our new brochure! Your best solution for biosolids management.
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MesoAer - Get the FACTs!
Take control with MesoAer.  Treat your biosolids following ATAD, aerobic or anaerobic digestion.
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BiofiltAer Engineered Biofiltration System
Read about the advantages of BiofiltAer, an aerobic all-natural biofiltration odor control unit.
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Case Studies / Papers

NEW!!  Digestion Process Comparison  General comparison of Anaerobic / Aerobic / ThermAer digestion processes.  View

Evaluating the use of Biosolids based fertility treatments for use high quality turf in the Chicago area in 2015 - E.J.Nangle, R.V. Townsend, F. D Dinelli

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Delphos, OH
MBR Coupled with 2nd Generation ATAD Provides Exceptional Quality Effluent and Biosolids
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Maryville, TN
A reuse / recycle community selects 2nd Generation ATAD
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Speedway, IN
SNDR process following anaerobic digestion
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Bowling Green, OH
2nd Generation ATAD Provides Superior Treatment at Reduced Cost
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Kaukauna, WI
2nd Generation ThermAer Provides Retrofit for World's Largest Municipal ATAD
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Pacifica, CA
First 2nd Generation ATAD Installed in California
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Marshall, MN
Minnesota's First 2nd Generation ATAD Offers Marshall Process Flexibility
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Yorkville, IL
2nd Generation ATAD Innovative Approach to Solids Treatment
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Interestingly ATAD - A case study including the design conditions, construction and operating data of four plants utilizing 2nd generation ATAD technology in Ontario, Canada - Kevin Staton PE & Jamie Baker P. Eng. View Paper

City of Bowling Green Water Pollution Control Division Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements - Kurt A. Smith, P.E. Arcadis and Doug Clark BGWPC Superintendent View Paper

Second Generation ATAD View Paper

ATAD, The Next Generation View Paper

City of Delphos - 2009 Biosolids Conference - Ms. Kim Riddell View Proceedings

ATAD -"All the Hype" - 2009 Biosolids Conference - Mr. Jim Scisson View Proceedings

Two Case Studies of Conversion from 1st Generation ATAD to 2nd Generation ATAD - Mr. David Oerke, P.E - CH2M Hill View Abstract and Proceedings

Class A Biosolids Success Story 2013- Huntingdon, PA View Facility Details / Report






Congratulations to Gregg Backstrom and Treatment Resources!  Gregg was awarded the 2016 ThermAer of the Year Award at the 2017 WEFTEC in Chicago.

Congratulations to Holman Waters and TDH!  Holman was awarded the 2016 BiofiltAer of the Year Award at the 2017 WEFTEC in Chicago.

European TAG 7 - Thermal Process Systems Presentation                                                                                                                                                         Watch Video      Use password isle123

 **For Immediate Release**  Evaluation the use of Biosolid based fertility treatments for use on high quality turf in the Chicago area in 2015 - E.J. Nangle, R.V. Townsend, F.D Dinelli  Read More

Class A Solids Success Story

RMWEA / RWAWWA Joint Conference

Denver Convention Center, Denver, CO
September 16-19  ThermAnAer Presentation 
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Huntingdon Borough WWTP

Huntingdon, PA

WWTP wins award - click below to learn more!
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$109 / dry ton, Amazing!
In 2004, the City of Bowling Green, Ohio, installed Ohio's first TPS ThermAer Process expanding the plant capacity from 6 MGD to 10 MGD. This energy efficient process offered superior solids reduction and an odor-free operation. Doug Clark, Water Pollution Control Superintendent, calculated 2009 treatment costs at a remarkable $109 per dry ton. In addition, 38% total solids are coming off the centrifuge.

Speedway, IN - The TPS SNDR following anaerobic digestion shows exceptional results. Preliminary average results since May 2012 start up are: ammonia filtrate concentration of 14 mg/L plus an additional volatile solids reduction of 38%.

TPS INTRODUCES THE THERMSOLAER!!! ThermSolAer combines the proven technology of the ThermAer and the TerSolair - one of Europes' leading solar dryers - which can reduce or even elimniate biosolids management costs. This Class A, organically bound material, dried to high levels, is a valuable source of nutrients for local landscapers, golf courses and the community. The addition of an 'Augmented' Energy Recovery' process makes the ThermSolAer an energy efficient, sustainable-year round, green process. Benefits include an odor free dried cake, smaller footprint and a potential profit center. Contact us at 219 / 663 - 1034 to learn more.

GENENA, NEW YORK AND CONESTOGA-ROVERS & ASSOCIATES WIN A 2015 ACEC New York Platinum Award for their Digester and Grit Systems Improvements Project. This award, inclusive in the Waste and Storm Water category, will be presented on March 28, 2015 at the Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY! Congradulations to all those involved in making this project a tremendous success!

NEW YORK WEA 2016 Annual conference to showcase the Genena ThermAer installation.  On Tuesday, February 9, Eric Haslam of GHD and Robert Wooldridge of Thermal Process Systems, will present Conversion from In-Vessel Compost to Aerobic Digestion for Production of Class A Biosolids.  In addition, on Wednesday, February 10, Scott Crosswell and Howard Butler both of GDH will present Next Generation ATAD Philosophy and Start Up Lessons.  Click for Program

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