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MesoAer - Get the FACTs!
Take control with MesoAer.  Treat your biosolids following ATAD, aerobic or anaerobic digestion.
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BiofiltAer Engineered Biofiltration System
Read about the advantages of BiofiltAer, an aerobic all-natural biofiltration odor control unit.
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Case Studies / Papers

NEW!!  Digestion Process Comparison  General comparison of Anaerobic / Aerobic / ThermAer digestion processes.  View

Evaluating the use of Biosolids based fertility treatments for use high quality turf in the Chicago area in 2015 - E.J.Nangle, R.V. Townsend, F. D Dinelli

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Delphos, OH
MBR Coupled with 2nd Generation ATAD Provides Exceptional Quality Effluent and Biosolids
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Maryville, TN
A reuse / recycle community selects 2nd Generation ATAD
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Speedway, IN
SNDR process following anaerobic digestion
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Bowling Green, OH
2nd Generation ATAD Provides Superior Treatment at Reduced Cost
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Kaukauna, WI
2nd Generation ThermAer Provides Retrofit for World's Largest Municipal ATAD
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Pacifica, CA
First 2nd Generation ATAD Installed in California
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Marshall, MN
Minnesota's First 2nd Generation ATAD Offers Marshall Process Flexibility
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Yorkville, IL
2nd Generation ATAD Innovative Approach to Solids Treatment
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Blacksburg - VPI Sanitation Authority 
Authority implements best-in-class wastewater treatment process.
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Interestingly ATAD - A case study including the design conditions, construction and operating data of four plants utilizing 2nd generation ATAD technology in Ontario, Canada - Kevin Staton PE & Jamie Baker P. Eng. View Paper

City of Bowling Green Water Pollution Control Division Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements - Kurt A. Smith, P.E. Arcadis and Doug Clark BGWPC Superintendent View Paper

Second Generation ATAD View Paper

ATAD, The Next Generation View Paper

City of Delphos - 2009 Biosolids Conference - Ms. Kim Riddell View Proceedings

ATAD -"All the Hype" - 2009 Biosolids Conference - Mr. Jim Scisson View Proceedings

Two Case Studies of Conversion from 1st Generation ATAD to 2nd Generation ATAD - Mr. David Oerke, P.E - CH2M Hill View Abstract and Proceedings

Class A Biosolids Success Story 2013- Huntingdon, PA View Facility Details / Report






Presented @ CSWEA

Central States Water Environment Association

Justin Wippo, E.I.

Title: Optimizing Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion via Recycle from an Aerobic Digester. 

Justin is the Technical Manager for newly acquired and developed processes at TPS. After graduating from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, he took the lead role in researching PAD processes with the assistance of the company’s extensive history and knowledge of aerobic digestion.

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Clean Water Act

E P A  Easing Permitting Process

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler today signed new rules that will streamline the permitting process for pipelines and other infrastructure projects under the Clean Water Act. The rules follow an August proposal to limit the reasons for rejecting permits and give states a one-year maximum to decide on permit applications.

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City of Geneva, NY

Beneficial Use of

Biosolids Award

The installation of the ATAD system has mitigated several key risk factors associated with traditional composting and/or landfilling activities including vector attraction, contaminated runoff, and unwanted odor. The end product is essentially neutralized of pathogenic and odorous organic content, reducing the likelihood of vector attraction. 

One benefit of the ATAD process is that it provides more complete digestion of the incoming sludges, converting more of the influent BOD loading and reducing the amount of solids to be dried and hauled from the plant. 

A second benefit of the ATAD process is the nitrification/denitrification process inherent to the ATAD technology, which converts ammonia and nitrogen very efficiently.  

Over the past 10 years, the system has proven itself to be reliable and accurate in terms of operation, employing a sophisticated computer system to control the entire process and requiring little operator input from start to finished product. 


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